BULK SMS, Or Short Message Service And WhatsApp Massaging, Have Become An Important Communication Tool In The Aviation Industry. Here Are Some Ways SMS Is Used In Aviation:

Airlines Can Use SMS To Send Flight Updates To Passengers, Such As Gate Changes, Delays, And Cancellations. This Helps To Keep Passengers Informed And Reduce Confusion And Frustration.
Airlines Can Send Boarding Passes To Passengers Via SMS, Which Can Be Scanned At Security Checkpoints And Boarding Gates. This Can Reduce The Need For Printed Boarding Passes And Make The Boarding Process More Efficient.
Airlines Can Use SMS To Send Updates On The Status Of A Passenger's Luggage, Such As When It Has Been Loaded Onto The Plane Or When It Has Arrived At The Destination Airport.
Maintenance Crews Can Use SMS To Receive Updates On The Status Of Aircraft Maintenance, Such As When A Repair Has Been Completed Or When A Part Has Been Ordered.
SMS Can Be Used By Flight Crews To Communicate With Ground Crews Or Other Crew Members, Such As For Coordinating Flight Schedules Or Reporting Issues.